Tax Relief Accounting Services
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TRA Tax Relief Accounting Corp is founded by an experienced CGA and a professional team, provides tax and accounting services for individuals and  a wide variety of companies across Canada. We are responsible for our clients and proficient in dealing with complex tax issues. TRA uses professional software that is accepted by CRA providing quick and effective services to our clients. We prepare personal and corporate tax returns & tax planning, payroll, GST, bookkeeping, business registration and other full range of tax and accounting services.

According to CRA survey, e-filed tax returns prepared by professional accountants are much more reliable than the returns prepared by taxpayers. Many returns were audited because of improper filing and unreasonable claims. Let professional accountants to deal with your accounting and tax issues, you will save a lot of time and avoid unnecessary troubles. TRA knows what you need. We will turn our expertise and experience to your benefit and find the best solutions for you. We also accept your authorization to communicate with CRA and other tax authorities on your behalf.

In order to complete our services, we will require access to certain personal information. We will manage all personal information in compliance with Privacy Code. Our mission is to protect our client’s benefits, keep prestige and service first.